At Green Leaf Movement Education, I can help you improve your nervous system health and functional movement through the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics™.

Why work on the nervous system? The nervous system is the communication and coordination network of the body, and as such it dictates the level of function for all systems of the body. Some of the benefits of a healthy nervous system include:

  • Strong immune system function
  • Healthy digestion that can successfully handle common allergens and hard-to-digest foods
  • Improved circulation
  • Stress reduction
  • Proper body structure and alignment

The functional movement component uses a practice of body awareness to improve body mechanics and learn new motor patterns for more efficient, healthy movement. Some of the benefits participants experience include:

  • Decrease in chronic pain resulting from poor body mechanics
  • Increase in ease of movement
  • Reduced need for surgical intervention
  • Improved injury rehabilitation and/or decreased occurrence of injury

There are many benefits of Holistic Biomechanics™, and you can read more about the modality here. However, the modality is best understood through direct experience, so I recommend taking advantage of low-cost weekly classes as well as a reduced introductory private lesson rate to experience Holistic Biomechanics™.